When consumers buy considerations summary

many consumers now use loans to buy a House, however, is not a little thing, to fully consider it. Experts pointed out that consumers in the mortgage note "six don't":
a bank loan to buy a house note, before applying for loans not to use a provident fund. If borrower before the loan for provident fund balance to pay for House, your reserve account reserve balance is zero, so your Provident Fund loan limit is zero, this means that you will be applying for the Provident Fund loans.

Bank loan to buy a house note second, prepayment of loans not within the first year. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Provident Fund loans, partial prepayment should be made after the loan for less than a year, and you have returned the amount should be more than 6 months of payments.

Bank loan to buy a House three, repayment difficulties do not forget to look for the side of the banks. When you borrow debt-servicing capacity within the time limit, payment difficulties, don't go. ICBC's customer to the Bank's application for an extension of the loan period, investigations by the Bank is true, and is not of default mortgage principal, interest, Bank will accept an application for your extension of the loan period.

Bank loan to buy a house note four, loans don't forget to inform rental housing obligations. When you have mortgage rental housing during the loan, your mortgage must be the fact that inform the lessee in writing.

Bank loan to buy a House five, don't forget to withdraw after the loan is mortgaged. When you pay off the full principal and interest on the loan, Bank loan discharge and mortgaged real estate other proof of entitlement to housing district, County, withdrawal of mortgage of real estate transactions.

Bank loan to buy a house note six, don't lose loan contracts and IOUs. Apply for a mortgage loan, Bank with your signed loan contracts and IOUs are important legal documents. Due to the longest loan term up to 30 years, as a borrower, you should keep your contracts and IOUs.

handling mortgage note

buyers avoid careless ten considerations in mind

, for example, had the developers to drive holiday sales opportunity, lack of pre-sale permit sale, owners asked to show pre when developers take out unit in the early pre-sale permit to muddle through.

recommendation: check the developer public license conforms to the resale of real estate sale; if the developer is not in the Sales Department of pre-sale of licenses of public signs, buyer has the right to require developers to produce; if the developers to some excuse not to produce, consumers will be able to land and property for sale has been made in housing authority check the certificate. In order to reduce purchase risks, after obtaining the sale permits buyers the best in real estate to buy.

2, and note model between in of "hands"

for example: to inspired consumers of purchase desire, developers often will in model between Shang do many articles, as changes interval, and with glass or some thin bright of metal decorative, to hide black room or space of narrow sense; in real estate outside do model room, zoom room area; using and make floor decoration standard same brand, but material, and grade high of material, and actual make floor of decoration material is shoddy.

recommendations: asking developers contract specified in the annex indicate decoration materials, brands, models, and agreed with the developer, repossession how long it must be retained within a model, to prevent disputes in the decoration on the issue after it was unable to find any evidence. The other, in the annex to the contract if the developer has "floor instead of the same texture" and other similar terms, buyer must fight for the developer to cancel that provision, or spend a fortune buying inferior decoration of the House.

3, pay attention to practical effect on prices

, for example, actually a close relationship between prices and utility rates. For example, a and b each spent 500,000 yuan to buy a House of 100 square meters, utility rates are 80% and 90%. Seemingly equivalent equal-area House, the actual area of less than 10 square meters, while the actual price than b 695 Yuan per square meter.

recommendation: don't ask the utility rate of motions, the best comparison utility rates for housing, figure out how much area you forked over money, then you can use the area is, so that you will draw a really effective house price.

4, and note "green" and the other supporting of real "identity" and property belonging

for example: has many real estate appeared such of blame phenomenon: planning figure Shang of green or golf field later cover up has floor; column in community supporting within of green, and Park even access community of road is developers for looking for selling and for sold floor temporarily rent to of,, floor a sold finished, owners to to park on have make money, access home community also have make had toll.

recommendation: make sense of community in planning some green, golf is a permanent green space is also reserved sites and, ideally, writes nature and green spaces ' liability for breach of contract. In addition, it is best to also look outside of community planning, might be able to find some problems.

5, pay attention to verbal commitment must have a written record of the developer

examples: to please buyers and entice buyers, some developer or sales person will verbally promised as much as possible the requirements of buyers, such as negotiating contract terms, giving what product, go through the entrance procedures, how where to build support, and so on. Some buyers heard sales people ready to believe the oral commitment made deposit, down payment, but when developers do not recognize, buyers had no evidence in his own defence. Also to note is, some salespeople's oral commitment is not the meaning of developers, and developers such as theory, developers will not recognize or accept responsibility.

suggestion: no matter what the developer or sales person is given verbal commitments, as well as the oral agreement with the developers, are to be recorded in written form to warrant or in the annex to the contract, and requires developer seal. Only in this way can the developer responsible for his false promises, the buyer's interests can be safeguarded.

6, pay attention to whether the fake mortgage or mortgage

, for example, developers to compensate for the building project, was mortgaged to some house builders, or bank loans, mortgaged to the Bank House; some houses don't sell, fraud mortgage fraud banks mortgage loans, mortgage House. But the developer had mortgaged the House sold to consumers, buyers wait to land Office, banks for the purchase procedures only to find the House is mortgaged to apply the purchase procedures, result in court. Although it is possible to win, but to take time, effort and money, but don't fail to pay the House.

suggestions: buyers preferably before buying land and Housing Administration Bureau to check out whether the property has been sold or the mortgage of record, in order to avoid unnecessary losses and dispute.

7, pay attention to check subscription, purchase contract, the room number of the documents and the actual floor

, for example, buyers have the effect that, and did not check the properties of the natural layer is the actual layers, units purchased by the results because the first layer overhead, the actual floor up a layer, by ref no elevator, had to climb a flight of stairs. Another developer subscription, fill out the purchase contract number is inconsistent, with the result that buyers pay more money to buy towards the lower House.

suggestions: buyers must carefully check offers, sale contract and mortgage contract, delivery of property, tax documents and other documents of the house number, floor, not just a signature.

8, and note check pre-sale card units and contract, and other documents by cover seal whether for same units

for example: a building business put developers arrived engineering paragraph of House put in Sales Department and development business of House with sold, a buyers just fancy which of a and make has deposit, signed sale contract Shi only found is and the building business signed homemade of contract text, had to please lawyer Shang Court Please back deposit. There is also a buyer bought a developer's House, sale of cards also indicate developers for the developers. But actual and of signed contract, and contract and the other payment documents by cover seal for the developers of fifth project Department, Hou by verified the project Department and the developers and no directly relationship, the buyers to the developers asking for has pay room paragraph, but the developers to fifth project Department and himself has nothing to do for by, refused back buyers by pay room paragraph, this lawsuit a pulled is five years of long, now also not has ending.

advice: not thinking that having a seal of trust, do you want to see, check each seal against the same unit, or the expense of is yourself.

9, and note subscription book, and housing sale contract text and the annex in the modified had of place to developers stamped seal

for example: developers signed contract, and contract annex and other invoice documents, inevitably has wrote wrong of when, wrote wrong has cannot a modified has of, also must to developers in altered and altered Hou of place stamped seal, to proved is himself wrote wrong of. Otherwise, as a result of disputes, developers are going to shirk responsibility, blame alter buyer, the Court also is difficult to determine.

recommendation: seal cannot be ignored, otherwise hard to argue.

10, pay attention to transfer payments to reserve more time

for example: there is a buyers agreement with developers of a one day down payment through bank transfer form to the developer's account, how many penalty expired to be delivered. But unfortunately is, after the buyer even if the transfer formalities, but for a bank transfer system failure two days later than the appointed time in the developer's account, and developers on the grounds, requires the buyer damages for breach of contract.

suggestions: buyers must consider transfer payments may be caused by a third party for breach of, so be sure to allow sufficient time and indicated in the warrant, if transfer delays caused by third parties, the buyer is not liable.

for Provident Fund mortgage loans must pay attention to four principles

as a housing loan policy, employees Provident Fund mortgage loans to applicants, should have its unique tips so you can avoid detours.

provident mortgage loan approval, there are four normal deposit fund, home buying is true, implementation of collateral, repayment is guaranteed. More specifically, the "normal pay Provident Fund" refers to the employee and the unit in full, monthly paid into the Fund, deposited provident funds years 1 years or more for loans. "Buying is true" means may conceal, forge House, was particularly pointed out that, more home buyers to choose homes purchased by developers and fully understand, such as developers, there is no sale of licenses, acceptance of such, can apply for housing property right certificate etc. "Implementation of collateral", that is, in principle, to be carried out with the purchase of housing mortgages, the housing should be handled through certificates of title of a mortgage registration, access to the housing of his warrant. Therefore, the employee at the time of signing the purchase contract with the developer, for room payment date should not be writing too short, because loan approval, administer certificates of title, mortgage registration takes some time. "Guaranteed repayment" refers to the borrower's family there is a reliable source of income, can guarantee that during the term of the loan repayments of principal and interest, that will not affect the basic family life. In examining the city workers ' family incomes, couples paid according to employees Provident Fund to derive the monthly wage base. Such as provident fund deposit base low, shows that the monthly salary is low. Reasonable monthly payment should be controlled in the family's monthly income of 30–40%. Some units declared low base of employees Provident Fund, which to a certain extent, affect the worker's credit.

personal mortgage notes seven to

one, apply for a loan amount to lose

in applying for individual housing loans, borrowers should be on their current economic strength and repayment ability to make the right decision, and your future income and expenses to make correct and objective predictions.

Second, mortgage to choose a good lender

to borrower, if you are buying a complete housing or housing, you can choose your own lender. Mortgage banking services more is fine, you will gain flexibility and personal financial services, as well as the rich portfolio of services and products. Standing on the point of view of the public, no doubt people have, the more options the better.

three, to select the most suitable payment method

there are basically two kinds of personal housing loan ring: a contract of repayment, other equal principal repayment. Matching the repayment of benefits is that borrowers can exact monthly payment, there are plans to arrange for home's accounts balance. Equal principal repayment options more suitable repayment ability, and hope to return in the early repayment individuals large sums to reduce interest expenses.

four, providing information to the Bank to

apply for personal commercial housing loan, banks usually require borrowers to provide proof of income, individuals should provide real career, job and recent economic situations prove. If your income has not reached a certain level, and you don't have the ability to repay, exaggerate their income level, most likely in the early repayment default and confirm your bank investigation by providing false testimony, will allow the Bank to your credibility is greatly reduced, thus affecting their loan applications.

five, to provide my address to be accurate, timely,

the address provided by the borrower to the Bank accurately, can facilitate banks and their links, monthly can receive the bank payment orders sent on time. Peoples Bank adjustment lending rates earlier this year, you can receive the Bank send notice of adjusting interest rates. In addition, the special reminded borrowers that thing, when you move to a new House, new contact address, contact information must be timely informed the lender.

six, determining property rights when taking into account the rebate

according to the relevant provisions of Shanghai Municipality, for personal commercial housing purchased after June 1, 1998, to enjoy personal income tax tax base deduction. Since the deduction is only limited to the names listed on the certificate of house property right owners, so for every family, to carefully determine the purchase of housing real estate owners (the purchaser).

seven a month to repayments on time to avoid penalties

on borrowers must be agreed repayment date your repayments each month whether there is enough money in your account to prevent defaults and bank due to their negligence penalty interest, not because of their own negligence, and cause financial losses, meanwhile, left banks with poor credit records.

seven do not

don't use Provident Fund before, apply for a loan

If the borrower before the loan for Provident Fund storage balances to cover the Housing Fund, your reserve account reserve balance is zero, so your Provident Fund loan limit is zero, which means you will not apply to fund loans.

Second, the prepayment of loans within the first year not

in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Provident Fund loans, partial prepayment should be submitted after 1 years ' payments, and you return the amount should not exceed 6 months of payments.

three, repayment difficulties do not forget to look for the side of the Bank

When you borrow debt-servicing capacity within the time limit, payment difficulties, don't go. ICBC's customer to the Bank's application for an extension of the loan period, investigations by the Bank is true, and is not of default mortgage principal, interest, Bank will accept an application for your extension of the loan period.

four, after obtaining the certificate of don't forget tax rebate

When you buy real estate, and family members all of the rebate should be written as real estate owners to buy the contract, and after signing the contract, payment of the Housing Fund for the "home buyers have to pay the personal income tax base to offset" application, made my "tax general payment book." Your purchase of housing sales, and on the condition that within 6 months of the proof of real estate rights, should report to the tax authorities for tax refund formalities.

five duty, after loans rented housing do not forget

When you have mortgage rental housing during the loan, your mortgage must be the fact that inform the lessee in writing.

six, don't forget to withdraw mortgage after the loan is

When you pay off the loan principal and interest, can take a bank loan discharge and mortgaged real estate where his proof of entitlement to the property area, County, withdrawal of mortgage of real estate transactions.

seven, and don't lost borrowing contract and IOU

application mortgage open paragraph, Bank and you signed of borrowing contract and IOU are is important of legal file, due to loan term most long can up 30 years, as borrowing people, you should properly custody you of contract and IOU, while seriously reading contract of terms, understand himself of right and obligations


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