Urumqi Provident Fund loan limit rose to 500,000
From 400,000 to 500,000 yuan, Urumqi's personal fund raise the maximum loan ceiling is more than 100,000 yuan. Chongqing, Wuhan, Nanchang, Bengbu and more than more than 10 cities to be issued after the policy of raising housing accumulation Fund loan limit ceiling, on June 11, the Housing Fund Management Center in Urumqi, with immediate effect, Urumqi's personal housing accumulation Fund loan limit increased from 400,000 to 500,000 yuan.
thanks also to the 2012 housing Provident Fund Management Committee held recently in Urumqi Urumqi, adopted at the first meeting of the extraction of housing accumulation fund management approach and the revised version of the personal management of housing accumulation Fund loan in Urumqi.
based on the maximum fine is an account given, if a loan of 500,000 yuan Fund, equal 30 principal and interest is repaid, according to the new adjustment of interest rates, reduced monthly payments by 2653 to 2593, less about 60 Yuan a month, would support just need buyers of housing demand.
, according to the Central Bank's announcement, more than 5-year commercial loan rates by 7.05% per cent to 6.8%. Same with 500,000 business loan 30 equivalent ways to pay off principal and interest, in accordance with 6.8% of the loan interest rates to be adjusted, the monthly repayment amount is 3259. Compared to the Provident Fund loans, monthly, or 666. By contrast, the advantages of Provident Fund loans.
from media reports, recently raised the domestic list of the cities in the further expansion of the Provident Fund loan limit. Apart from Wuhan, Hohhot, Nanchang,, also in Shenyang, Liaoning province, Shandong binzhou and xinyang city, Henan Zhengzhou, adjust the lines are between 15% to 25%. Karamay city, Xinjiang cities on our list is the earliest, highest individual Provident Fund loan limit raised from 500,000 to 700,000 yuan.
extract and lending policies of relaxation of the Provident Fund, Housing Fund Management Center Director Cao Jianbin told reporters in Karamay, housing fund is a waste management policy, policy should be full use; in addition, the housing Provident Fund account balance is sufficient, extraction and objectively meets the broad demand for loans. Housing Fund Management Center loans section of Urumqi city officials explained that the Provident Fund standard adjustments associated with the local price trend has.
it is understood that in Urumqi last adjustment fund loan maximum loan limit is January 1, 2009, raised from 300,000 yuan to 400,000 yuan.
two days before the rate cut, coupled with the recent adjustment of Provident Fund, whether for the property market, which is a significant positive news? Vice President of the China real estate Association Mr Gu said in a telephone interview to reporters, from an objective point of view this policy to reduce the cost of buying a House, is a boon for buyers, but little effect on the housing market. As far as provident funds, and amplified the public's purchasing power. Explaining the Government's support to improve the housing needs, not so that the MPF system is idle, this is a very affordable discount, increase in available funds in the hands of the people, you can have more to consider, also let buyers purchase more selective.
it is worth noting is that recently raised city of Provident Fund loans belong to two or three cities, Beijing, Shanghai and other cities have not yet loose.
in fact, this change of policy changes not only on the line, housing loan fund management center of Urumqi City Bureau official said, older versions of two of the policy was enacted in 2006 on trial. Amendments, apart from the increasing credit lines, and relaxing the conditions of housing accumulation Fund loan applied for will be "personal monthly in full to pay Housing Fund for less than a year in a row," amended to read "the individuals to participate in housing accumulation fund system for 6 months (or more), and paid in full and continuous Housing Fund" to apply for a loan.
while provides, by related sector approved and meet implementation energy-saving emissions residential wall body insulation project standard, allows extraction I of housing Provident Fund paid its bear part of costs, but extraction amount shall not over personal should paid of costs; deposit workers family life serious difficult, workers children pass national admitted degree of tertiary institutions Hou unable to paid tuition of, allows a years extraction once I and the spouse of housing Provident Fund to paid children tuition, but extraction amount total not over tuition total.
need to be reminded of is that two of the approach of the review of the revised conditions, but also increase the wall insulation, the University housing Provident Fund review information extraction on the child elements, and so on.


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