Mortgage price war and 70 percent preferential interest rate loans only
Mortgage prices "prices", smoke again the banks are concerned! Industry experts believe: only 70 percent mortgage loan interest rates, but market rumors, recently issued by the Central Bank of the people's Bank of China on financial institutions cut the RMB benchmark deposit and lending rates and adjustment lending and deposit interest rate floating range in the notification, reaffirmed the individual housing loans of lower interest rate band remains at 0.7 times times the benchmark interest rate.
following is thaw letter century financial analyst from history of angle analysis of views:
first, personal housing loan interest rate floating interval of lower for benchmark interest rate of 0.7 times times from 2008 on began implementation, is not new policy;
Second, Bank on personal of housing loan for risk pricing, and and national real estate macro-control policy about, currently the line basically implementation first suite mortgage interest rate for benchmark interest rate 0.85 times times or above.
Finally, in recent years, along with the process of interest rate marketization and floating interest rates and gradually expand the scope of commercial personal housing loans. It is understood that the August 2006 commercial personal housing loan interest rate floating range expanded to 0.85 times times the benchmark interest rate in May 2008, Wenchuan after the earthquake, to support post-disaster reconstruction, the people's Bank in October of that year to further improve the pricing power independent of the housing mortgage loans from financial institutions, the extension of commercial personal housing loan interest rates lower to 0.7 times times the benchmark interest rate. In operation
, first mortgage interest rates of commercial banks with the national real estate regulatory policy changes, varies between 70 percent and benchmark interest rates. 2010 real estate regulation "the new ten" introduced, banks to cancel 70 percent preferential interest rates, followed by first rate all the way up, gradually rose from 75 percent to 85 percent, 90 percent, or even completely terminate the offered discounts, implementation of the benchmark rate. Second homes for residents, more stringent credit policy has, in accordance with 1.1 times benchmark interest rate floating implementation, down-payment requirements for 60%.
a few days ago, the Central Bank announced the 3.5-year cut interest rates for the first time, then there will be a small bank can, under certain conditions, provide to the lender mortgage offer for 70 percent. But this is just the case. Part of the commercial bank in Beijing said, these banks are now basically in the execution of 85 percent or 90 percent of the home loan interest rate concessions, even have bank first mortgage now fully implementation of the benchmark interest rate has not offers.
rongxin, century financial analysts said while 70 percent mortgage on the policy may be allowed, but it will only be a "theory of value", it is difficult to achieve in the short term.


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