Jiangsu mortgage deal investigation: loan down a minimum of 70 percent

second half of the week our first mortgage interest rate will be a new policy, headquarters had to ventilate, current first mortgage rate is 90 percent, adjusted should be lower, does not exclude 80 percent discount, depending on a couple of days you consult. "A credit Department of Bank of China Shanghai Branch on June 12 on mortgage advisers say immediately.

with recent benchmark deposit and loan interest rate adjustment, the 5-year loan above benchmark interest rates to fall to 6.8%. First, outside of floating loan interest rates, some banks, loan interest rate discount is also planning changes.

rongxin, century financial loan consultant survey, four large firms in Shanghai are still implementing previous first mortgage policy, rates range from 85 percent to the benchmark interest rate. "But the line between interest rates is to apply, mutatis mutandis, Bank of China's first interest rate adjustment may cause other follow-up. "The head of the Jiangsu branch of the ICBC said.

stake lines and city commercial banks in the first mortgage policies go too far, 12th, mortgage consulting a number of shares immediately will be given minimum. 85 percent interest rate concessions, among them, Minsheng Bank and Huaxia Bank or even as low as 70 percent. Previously, Guangdong Hua XING also announced the first set of mortgage rates fall to a maximum 30%.

However, the relaxation of bank credit policies do not seem to extend to development loans, according to mortgage consultant now, real estate loans are still 4 exposure by banking sector as one of the largest business and the recent warning to commercial banks as a file. Above the Bank's branch manager and Everbright Bank branch in a county-level city in Jiangsu province to immediately mortgage consultant said, now granted development loans is still very cautious, more relaxed before.

loans are loose or tight?

12th rongxin, century financial loan consultants mapping of Zhejiang and Shanghai first mortgage policy of banks, including 5 rows, the number of joint-stock banks and local banks. Early out 85 percent sharp increase in interest rates of the Bank.

among them, the agricultural Bank of China's first interest rate for the most flexible for first mortgage the Bank generally give a 90 percent discount, but according to the buyers area, the loan amount will be adjusted, for example, in Shanghai, if the outer ring outside of the housing, loans of more than 1 million, the maximum concessions can be as low as 85 percent.

Bank of first mortgages are most lax, a loan officer told immediately of its Shanghai Branch mortgage advisers, without bad credit records case, can get a 85 percent interest in China Construction Bank.

current interest rate of 90 percent, Bank of China, but the row immediately above a loan to the mortgage advisers said recently, the head office has already started brewing a new first mortgage rate, and it will be announced on Thursday and Friday to implement interest rate discounts should be further improved.

ICBC and Bank of communications are relatively conservative, two lower home loan interest rates are set at the beginning interest rate, and loan customers excellent quality, only a 90 percent discount, ICBC remained the implementation of benchmark interest rates.

Jiangsu branch in a city in the industrial and commercial bank, ICBC's first mortgage is too conservative, "If a line or other line has further preferential policies, the Bank should be adjusted first mortgage interest rates in the near future. Otherwise, business is too difficult for us to do. "

ICBC, Bank instead, stake, local banks can be militant. On June 8, the Central Bank announced interest rate cuts and adjust the amplitude of the loans and deposits of the next day, China Bank announced the first set of mortgage rates lowest implementation of 70 percent interest rate, once a price by pioneer.

If us banks are one of the only, minimum 70 percent discount the significance of Huaxia Bank, Minsheng Bank cannot be ignored.

12th, Minsheng Bank staff on mortgage advisers say at once, if the lender in terms of assets appraisal, banking, credit and other conditions are met, and acquisition is a room, can apply for 70 percent of the line's first home loan rates. And if the first under 90 square meters in size, minimum down payment of up to 20%, loans amounting to 80% per cent of the total price.

rongxin, century financial loan consultant and learned from Huaxia Bank, the first minimum of the line can be up to 70 percent off, branch designated specific conditions prevail, and reported to their superiors approved loans.

in addition, in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, some banks are starting to widen the first preferential loan policies. For example, the Wuxi rural commercial bank first rate adjustment from 85 percent in recent days, and official website and many other local publicity. Jiangsu is a city commercial bank is the first down payment down to 20%.

"monetary policy will continue to relax, especially with respect to the first set of loans, but not as loose as the 2009 this year, 70 percent first homes are unlikely to become mainstream, high 85 percent more likely to pop. "Yang Hongxu, Deputy Director of Shanghai Institute of real estate loan advisers say immediately.

development loans are still cold

according to the real estate Research Institute published on 11th June Monthly Bulletin of China's real estate industry, in May, domestic real estate loans of 629.6 billion yuan, 1-May, real estate loans (per cent share of all sources of funds) for two consecutive months of declines, from 1-down to April in 18.4%.

Meanwhile, in May, the national housing climate index to 94.90, 12 consecutive months of declines.


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