Original economic status: high Mr served Yu a technology company, served as Development Department competent, months income about for three to 4,000 Yuan Yuan, due to home in the occurred changes, needed a pen not small of medical, because family are for General commuters, moment Zhijian also no approach raised out so a large money, in help no door of status zhixia, had to Shang Internet find thaw letter century financial loan service center understand loan related of knowledge.
success nuclear loan status: in carefully patience of professional customer service understand customer of situation Hou, immediately referred to the thaw letter century financial loan service center professional of loan consultant for assessment, but in general situation Xia may need into four ~ five home Bank for application, and took may need two week, but we believes such is far cannot reached customer needs of, so in high Mr agreed loan consultant of planning zhihou, pour high Mr full tie and loan consultant professional of operation Xia, In a bank on success Shen loan has 71000, and let customer got payments, only spent has not to three days of time, not only help high Mr spent through, also let immediately loan loan service center again not negative customer by supporting, high Mr in after also sent has thanks letter thanks loan consultant, is this treasure by supporting, considered has any of spirit, to let immediately loan in loan professional field in the occupies place!
this case highlights: 1. three days completed two week to completed of "impossible" of task
&Nbsp;                 2. easier to borrow a loan of more than 70,000.
                  3. customers with timely and pressing problem.